Adobe Flash Games (using Firefox)

As technology improves, so will the games are created for you to enjoy. Newly added WildTangent free to play games are created using new HTML5 technology. 

There are currently older free to play games available on WildTangent that were designed using Adobe Flash, and they will begin to have trouble playing as technology advances. You may run into these issues when you get a new computer or update the Windows OS (updating from Windows 8 to Windows 10 for example). 

Are you having trouble playing older Adobe Flash based games when using Mozilla Firefox? You might be seeing something that looks like this: 



WildTangent recommends that if you see this, that you use the Search function on the upper right of our site and look for newer games to play. Why? Because newer, HTML5 games will play more reliably, faster, and will be all the more enjoyable. 


If you decide you want to continue to play one of the old Adobe Flash games, you will have to update Adobe Flash and enable it to run in Firefox. The below steps will show you how. 

Click on the link that says "Activate Adobe Flash"  


You can go to the Add-on Manager /  Plugins
And click on Update Now link beside Shockwave Flash.


This will open a new window for Adobe.  


You may choose to UNCHECK the optional offer to have McAfee Security Scan Plus installed - especially if you already have security software installed on the computer.
Then click Install Now 


Click Save File on the pop-up 


Open the file by clicking the downward arrow on the navigation bar and then clicking the Firefox download.
Follow the prompts. 


Then click the FINISH button. 


Restart the browser and start to play!

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