Unlock Codes and Unlocking Games

Unlock Codes & Unlocking Games  - What's Changed?

We've made it even easier to unlock purchased games; we unlock the game automatically for you! 


Some of our long-time players may remember when a WildTangent game code was needed to unlock a game. The code looked like this, ABCD-1234-ZXYW. 

For several years now, a game Unlock Code has not been needed to unlock a game on your WildTangent account after purchase.  


Today, when you complete a game purchase, we automatically unlock that game and assign it to your WildTangent account via a Download Link.

You can see a list of your games and Download Links on your Purchase History page.  

Clicking Download will start the download process for that game, if not already installed. 


Since a game code is no longer needed, there's no benefit to seeing the game unlock code on your account purchase history page. 

All you need is the download link to install and play the game.

Remember, to Download and play your games, you must be signed into your account on the WildTangent Games App.


Account Purchase History page example:



For step-by-step instructions on downloading your games, check out the Download Games article.


How to manually Unlock a Game

In some cases, you may receive a game unlock code for your wild membership monthly game, a promotion that may be running on the site, or even gifted to you. 

In these cases you will need to do the following to redeem this code and unlock the game:

  • Sign in to your WildTangent account, or create a WildTangent account if you do not have one currently
  • Go to your Account Purchase History page
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the Purchase History page
  • Type or paste the game unlock code in the provided space
  • Click Unlock Game button

When the game unlock is successful, you will see this game in your purchase history.  Click download next to the game to start the install process then play the game.















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