Unlock Codes and Unlocking Games

Unlock Code Basics

Each game that you download is "locked". With a locked game you can play the free trial, and pay for infinite sessions using WildCoins.

When you purchase a game, you will receive an unlock code (aka Serial Number). Once a game has been unlocked you can play the game without using WildCoins.

You can unlock a game on up to 4 computers. If you receive an error message that the unlock code is invalid, that means the code is either invalid (e.g. typo), the unlock code has already been used 4 times, or there may be a firewall configuration that is blocking the unlock process. 


Accessing Your Unlock Code(s)

Purchased game unlock codes and download links are accessible from your Account Information page.

To view the unlock code(s), please follow the instructions below:

1. Open the Games App and click the "Sign in" link at the top of the page, and sign in!

2. Click your account email and then "View Account".

3. You are now on your Account Information Page. You will see VIEW PURCHASE HISTORY/LICENSES. Click VIEW on that line.

4. On your Purchase History Page, you will see the list of that games you've purchased with download links to each game on the right side of the page. You only need to use these download links if the game is not already downloaded on your computer.



After you log into your account, if you go to the game's detail page, you will see this when you own the game: 


All you have to do is click on DOWNLOAD, and the game will download AND unlock for you.


Unlocking Your Game


With the latest update to our service, games you own will automatically unlock! This makes it easier and quicker for you to start playing. 

Once you click the DOWNLOAD button

You might see this: 


All you need to do is click PLAY, and the game will automatically unlock and launch for you. 

That's pretty awesome!



If you experience an error trying to play an unlocked game? Please copy the error down in its entirety (including anything in parentheses) and "Submit a request" with Customer Support.


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