Missing WildCoins

Missing online WildCoins? 

Very often, you can find missing WildCoins by three simple steps.

  1. Sign out of the WildTangent website
  2. Sign out of the WildTangent Games App
  3. Sign in to the WildTangent Games App.

Have the WildCoins returned? Yes? Awesome! Carry on!

If not? Try logging in with a different email address. Are they there now?

Are you signed in with your email address, you still don't see them? Check the steps in this Help Center Article. 


If you still do not see your WildCoins, please use the "Submit a request" link below and include the following:

  • The error message you are receiving (if applicable).
  • The email address that you are using to log in.
  • The number of WildCoins you have (or should have) in your account.
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