"K" Error (KClient, KServer, KFailure, Khttp, Kstatus, WildCoins Error)

What is a 'K' error message?

A "K" error message (including KServer, KClient, KHttp, KStatus, and WildCoins Error) happens when your computer attempts to communicate with the WildTangent servers but the security software installed on the computer prevents that communication from occurring. The information being sent to your computer is 100% safe, but sometimes the security software does not recognize what is being sent and blocks the communication. The result of this missing information is a "K" error message.

Steps to resolve a "K" error message

The first step to fix this issue is to log out of the Games App and our website, then log back into the Games App. (Sometimes restarting your computer helps too!) Then, re-attempt what you were doing when you first saw the "K" error message.

If you are still getting the same message, then you will need to configure your security software. The solution is to add our Games App and website to the "Safe," "Trusted," or "Exclusion" list for the security software on your computer. You may be able to make these changes by launching the security software program and following the directions. For detailed instructions, contact your security software provider, as they are the experts in their respective program.

We do not recommend that you disable your security software for any reason. Those programs are there for your protection, and even temporarily disabling security software is unsafe.

But what about the "lost" WildCoins?

Send a request to Customer Support. Let them know the game name, the number of lost WildCoins, and that you've already configured your security software!


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    Ramona Williams

    why does it take my wild tangent coins when there is a KClient error????????

  • Avatar
    Amanda F.

    Hi Ramona! Good question, and I'll be happy to explain. When you enter WildCoins to play a game, a "signal" is sent to WildTangent, and we remove the WildCoins from your account and send a "signal" back, telling the game to play. When you get a K Error (or WildCoin Error) the signal we send is being blocked; typically by the security software; so while it takes your WildCoins the game doesn't start. That's why its very important to follow the steps above for configuring the security software, and then submit a request to Customer Support - so we can help return any WildCons that were lost.

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