Creating and Sending a DxDiag Report

A DxDiag is a diagnostic tool used to test DirectX functionality and troubleshoot video or sound related hardware problems. DirectX Diagnostic can save text files with the scan results. Looking at this file will help Customer Support get a better idea of the PC you're using in case the issue is due to a hardware failure or incompatibility.

You will want to create the file and send it to Customer Support if you are having issues with games crashing unexpectedly during game play, games flickering, or sometimes when the game won't launch at all. 


To create a DxDiag file simply follow these instructions:

  1. Launch your computer's SEARCH (this will vary depending on the version of Windows you are using).
  2. In the Search field type: dxdiag and hit the ENTER 
  3. The report will begin to run (usually there is a pop up window where this happens, or a prompt where you allow it to run)
  4. Once the progress bar in the lower left hand corner disappears, Click SAVE ALL INFORMATION.
  5. In the Save As window verify the following:
    A) File Name field should read "DxDiag"
    B) Save as type field should read "Text File (*txt)."
    C) Save in field should be "Desktop."
  6. Click SAVE and then EXIT.

Then send the report to Customer Support by clicking "submit a request" below. Or you can attach the report to the initial request or a follow-up email.

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