Offline WildCoins

What are Offline WildCoins?

They are WildCoins that you manually move Offline, onto a computer, so that you can use them to play rental sessions of a game, you have downloaded, but do not own, without being connected to the internet. These come in handy on long train, or plane trips.

Please be sure you understand the restrictions and limitations of Offline WildCoins before making a transfer. 

Restrictions and Limitations (aka Beware, thar be dragons!)

  1. Offline WildCoins are only available on the computer used to make the transfer.
  2. Offline WildCoins may be deleted if your computer crashes, or you do a factory reset.
  3. Moving WildCoins Offline is a one-way transfer. Once moved offline, they cannot be moved back.
  4. Offline WildCoins cannot be combined with other WildCoins to rent games. 
  5. Offline WildCoins cannot be used to purchase games. 
  6. If you change your login email address, your offline WildCoins will disappear. You must login with your original email address to use offline WildCoins. 
  7. Since Offline WildCoins have been removed from our system, there are no refunds for lost or missing offline WildCoins.


Transferring WildCoins offline

To transfer WildCoins offline:

  1. Launch the WildTangent Games App and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on your email address and then select "View Account".
  3. Next to "Offline WildCoins", click "Transfer More" and follow the instructions to complete the transfer.

But what if you do not see the "Transfer more" - then you are on the WEBSITE; so close that, and launch the Games App, and transfer away!


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