What are WildCoins?

As of September 30, 2019, WildTangent has discontinuing the sale of all WildCoins Packs.

WildCoins have been an integral part of the WildTangent game service for 12 years, generating millions of hours of quality gaming.  As we are updating the game service with new features, WildCoins will be replaced gradually with other, more convenient options.

Any WildCoins on your WildTangent account can continue to be used for buying and playing your favorite WildTangent games.


WildCoins are like coins in an arcade. You can use them to play rental sessions or buy games through the WildTangent Games Application.

You can play games using WildCoins after the free session has been used up. And, every time you play a game using WildCoins, you earn credits toward the purchase of that game.

When you buy games with WildCoins, you automatically get a 50% discount off of the full, retail price.

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