Error Message While Unlocking a Game

Invalid or Overused Key Error

You might see this error for two very different reasons.

The first? Your unlock key has been used more than 4 times on 4 different computers. (interesting to note, if you factory reset your same computer? Each time you unlock the game, it looks like the request is coming from an all together different computer.) The WildTangent End User License Agreement states that each unlock code is valid for up to 4 unique unlocks. So what do you do? You submit a request to Customer Support and let them know. Tell them you've reformatted a computer, or just got another new one. Reviewing your account, Customer Support can tell if you've unlocked a game 4 times, or 400; and will help you accordingly.


You are certain you only used the code once!

Make sure you are using the correct code. That J looks like I and those I look like L sometimes.

If you're experiencing this sort of error, please submit a request to Customer Support; include the unlock code you are using and Customer Support will check the code for you. 


Unable To Connect Error

This problem occurs on computers that are protected by an improperly configured firewall.

The firewall software is blocking the communication from your computer, to the WildTangent server, and back. We recommend configuring the firewall(s) to allow those two sides to talk, so your game can unlock. You can find more information here.

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