Error Message While Unlocking a Game

The first thing we recommend when you see an error trying to unlock a game is signing in to the WildTangent Games App. The Games App is designed to automatically unlock games for you! All you need to do is sign in, then play the game.

If you are signed in to the account the game was purchased on, but you are still seeing an error? Look below for specific error / issues

Invalid or Overused Key Error
You might see this error for two very different reasons.

The first? The unlock key has been used more than the allotted times on different computers. (interesting to note, when you do a factory reset your computer? Each time you unlock the game, it looks like the request is coming from an altogether different computer.) So, if this is the case what do you do?
You submit a request to Customer Support and tell them you've reformatted a computer, or got another new one. Reviewing your account, Customer Support can tell if you've unlocked a game 4 times, or 400; and will help you accordingly.

You are certain you only used the code once! And you are still seeing the Invalid Key Error.
Are you manually entering in the unlock code? Make sure you are using the correct code. That J looks like I and those I look like L sometimes.

If you know neither of those are the case? And you are still seeing the Invalid Unlock code error?

Try restarting the router/modem you use. This provides a new connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and will clear out “stuck” unlock attempts.


“Unable To Connect” Error or Still the Invalid Unlock Code error.

The firewall software is blocking the communication from your computer, to the WildTangent server, and back. We recommend configuring the firewall(s) to allow those two sides to talk, so your game can unlock. We have a Help Center Article that will explain what a firewall is and offer suggestions on how to configure it to allow your game to unlock.

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