3-for-1 Games Offer

Our "3 games for 1" offer is a terrific value!

When you subscribe to our monthly WildCoins Plan, your first game is free (up to a $19.99 value). You also get 50 WildCoins that you can use to buy 2 more regular priced games (20 WildCoins each). So, in the first month of your 50 WildCoins Monthly Plan, you can get 3 regular priced games for the price of 1.

Oh, did you notice that you'll still have 10 WildCoins left over after buying 2 games for 20 WildCoins each? That's right, smarty! You can use these WildCoins to rent or buy even more games.

But wait, there's more good news! Games cost less when you buy with WildCoins...more than 50% off of the regular price!

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