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As of September 30, 2019, WildTangent has discontinuing the sale of all WildCoins Packs.

WildCoins have been an integral part of the WildTangent game service for 12 years, generating millions of hours of quality gaming. As we are updating the game service with new features, WildCoins will be replaced gradually with other, more convenient options.

Any WildCoins on your WildTangent account can continue to be used for buying and playing your favorite WildTangent games.


When you buy games with WildCoins, you get a discount off the regular price. So, what are you waiting for?!

To buy a game using your WildCoins: 

The easiest way? Sign in to your account and you have enough WildCoins to purchase the game, this buy option will appear.  Clicking the Buy Now will immediately purchase the game with WildCoins


When you do not have enough WildCoins to purchase a game, then other purchase options will appear on the product page.  Click on either option will send you to the checkout page to complete your purchase.  The options listed below are full price, then the discounted price for wild members:


"wild" is WildTangent's current monthly subscription offer.  You can learn more here,


** This is older information and no longer is the user experience **

If you accidently press the Button?

  1. Open the WildTangent Games App and sign in to your account.
  2. Locate the game you want to buy and click "Buy Now".
  3. On the purchase page, you may be offered to join our WildCoins Plan. Click the red X to remove the WildCoins Monthly Plan.

    The page will reset and you will see the price of the game in WildCoins.
  4. Enter your WildTangent Account Password
  5. Click "Confirm" to complete your purchase. 

That's it!

The unlock code and download link for the game will be displayed on the following page, and also sent via email for safe keeping. 

You can also purchase games using your local currency

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