Windows 10 Basics

The WildTangent Games App is fully compatible with Windows 10. 


As for the older games you know and love? Most will work on Windows 10. We recommend you check the game's detail page, to find system requirements for each game.


Let's look at Blackhawk Striker 2 for example. (Click the link and a separate window will open). You can see that the game will play on many different operating systems, but it was also released in 2004 - that's 14 years ago! A lot has happened in 14 years (that was the pre-smartphones era!) Some of these older games may not work, or not work as expected on Windows 10. Or, they may work just fine. We recommend giving them a try!


What about Fate? Click the link to learn more.


If you have additional questions, you can submit a request to Customer Support. Please include error messages and specific game names.

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