Beta Channel

What is the Beta Channel?

Those enrolled will get updates to their Games App more often than "regular" users. The Beta version of the Games App may be trying out new things, so you may occasionally see a change in the way the Games App looks or works. 

When you use the Games App, it will automatically send WildTangent error reports to let us know what is working, and what isn't. No personally-identifying information is being gathered or sent; it is merely a way to help WildTangent ensure that changes made to our Games App are working for the myriad of PC users across the globe.


How can you enroll in the Beta Channel?

Navigate to the Settings page in the Games App, and check the Enroll in the Beta Channel box below.



What do I get out of enrolling?

You get the benefit of knowing you are helping our brilliant team ensure that every WildTangent Player is getting the very best Games App experience.


How do I un-enroll?

Navigate to the Settings page in the Games App, and UN-Check the Enroll in the Beta Channel box.



Have feedback or a question about our Beta channel?  CLICK HERE to go to the specific form to contact Customer Support.



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