Rental Session


Looking to play a game, but do not wish to purchase the full version?

Our 4-hour Rental sessions have got you covered! 

  1. Launch the WildTangent Games App and sign in (or register). 
  2. Go to the game you wish to play and click "RENT 4-HOURS".
    ( If you wish to try the game first, you can use the free 30-minute trial, click the green "PLAY" button to download the game and play a trial session before committing to a purchase.)

  3. You will be shown confirmation that the game has been added to your cart.

    If you would like to add more games to your cart, click the 
    CONTINUE SHOPPING button to keep on browsing.
    If you wish to move forward with your purchase, Click the 
    ( If you wish to use PayPal as your Payment Method, click the Yellow PayPal box to be directed to the PayPal check-out )
  4. Review the Order Summary.
    If you have a discount code, enter it in the Coupon/Gift Certificate section and click APPLY
  5. Enter your Billing Address Information 

  6. If you wish to save the address for future purchases, tick the Save this address in my address book box

  7. Click Continue

  8. Enter your credit card information and tick the required boxes.

  9. Click PLACE ORDER

    That's It! The game download link will be assigned to your account and can be viewed/used via your Purchase History page.
    A confirmation of purchase will be sent to you via email. 


How does the Rental Session Work?

When you rent a Game, you have up to 30 days to start playing.
This means you can leave the rental unplayed, in your Purchase History for up to 30 days before deciding to start the session.

Once you do start playing, you have access to the game for 4 hours.

You can open and close the game as much as you want within that 4-hour rental period.
You do not need to pay for another rental session until that 4-hour window has expired.

To better explain The 4-hour duration;
You are purchasing a window of time you can play the game, not the number of hours of in-game playtime.
For example; If you launch your rental at 12 pm you can continue to play until 4 pm that day.
If you leave the rental session and return after the 4-hour window, your session will have expired and a new session will need to be purchased to continue.


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