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wild_279x125.pngis our new membership program.

With a wild membership you'll get:

  • Unlimited play on over 2000 games
  • Ad-free access to web games
  • Discounts on the sale price of 1000's of games
  • Discounts on the price of a 48-hour cash rental - and have that rental apply to the sale price if you buy the game!

All you have to do to get the most out of wild is sign up and sign-in. With wild it's all about how you like to play!

Free to play web games without ads? Sign in to your wild account!

The very best deals on renting and buying games? Sign in to your wild account!

Thousands of unlimited play games you can download and enjoy? Sign in to your wild account!

No more "coins" to keep track of. Rent or buy what you want, when you want it!


Existing Users Canceling Wild  


Want to submit a request for help with Customer Support about your wild account? CLICK HERE to go to the specific form.



Want to learn a little more about wild? See below.


Cash Rentals
You don't need to be enrolled in a wild subscription to rent games for cash - but if you are enrolled you get a huge discount! Cash rentals function much like other online media you rent (think movies). You rent the game today, and then you have up to 30 days to start playing. Once you do start playing, you have access to the game for 48 hours. This is great if you have to get up, run some errands, or the cat jumps on the keyboard, closing the game.

Why? Because you can open and close the game as much as you want withing that 48 hour period. Once, twice, eighteen times. You are in control, and you do not need to pay again for another rental session until those 48 hours are up.

How do you rent a game? Just click the rental button, and review the cart to be sure everything is what you want, (don't want to enroll in the monthly subscription and get the great discount? Remove the plan before you purchase) and then just follow the prompts.

Unlimited Play Games
We add (and remove) games from the unlimited catagory all the time. The best thing about unlimited, is you can play a little, close the game, and come back later. Brandnew titles won't be in unlimited initually, but we are adding fun and exciting titles all the time!
Click to find all the unlimited titles 

The Games App without any ads! That's a great bonus. But if you like the free to play webgames, without any ads you can now expand the page to full screen! This is a game changer! Enjoy solitaire on a massive screen. Just sign in to your wild account and click the fullscreen option in the corner


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For existing users:

If you have WildCoins, and want to use them? You need to toggle back to the WildCoins experiance.

First, at the bottom of the page,click the link


and then move the Toggle until it turns blue.



That's it! And now you can use those WildCoins!



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Canceling wild

We would hate to see you go!

To cancel, sign in to your account in the Games App

Navigate to View Account

Click the Cancel link


Still want to cancel?


Click the Cancel button - That's it!


Want to submit a request for help with Customer Support? CLICK HERE to go to the specific form.

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