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A wild membership is the best way to get the most out of our service.

With a wild membership, you'll get these amazing benefits:

  • Unlimited play on over 2,600 select games

  • Full-Screen access on Free To Play games

  • Discounts on the sale price of over 8000 games.
    New games are added each day
  • 1x wild Member token to be used to redeem a game of your choice each month-
    Wild member tokens are a new benefit that comes with our wild membership program. These tokens have replaced the Monthly free game benefit and will allow our members to redeem premium full-version games of their choice within our games offering.


All you have to do to get the most out of wild is sign up and sign-in. With wild it's all about how you like to play!

Play or buy what you want, when you want it! 


Want to submit a request for help with Customer Support about your wild account? CLICK HERE to go to the specific form.


Want to learn a little more about wild? See below.


Unlimited Play Games
We add (and remove) games from the unlimited play category all the time. The best thing about unlimited, is you can play a little or a lot, close the game, and come back later. Brand new titles won't be unlimited initially, but we are adding fun and exciting titles all the time! 

When signed into your subscribed account, all eligible games will show a green PLAY UNLIMITED button.

Click to find all the unlimited titles

Full-Screen Web Games

Enjoy solitaire on a massive screen!. Just sign in to your subscribed wild account and click the full-screen option in the corner


wild Member Tokens

Wild member tokens are assigned to member accounts on the subscription invoice date of each month. These tokens allow our members to redeem premium full-version games of their choice within our games offering.

When signed into your subscribed account, you will see a Gem icon at the top right of your screen.

This icon shows the number of tokens you have available.

You can also check your token balance under the wild Membership section of the Account Settings page.

To Redeem a game with your Token, Find the game you wish to play and click the Orange REDEEM button on the product page.

The number of tokens required to redeem the game will be indicated next to the orange redemption button.

Click on the REDEEM option and follow the prompts to confirm your decision.

Once the game has been activated, you will find the download link in your Owned Games list.
The game can be downloaded and played as often as you like, just like any other game in your collection!

For more details check out: wild Member tokens FAQs


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Cancelling wild

We would hate to see you go! Remember: You can always sign back up at any time.

You can cancel your subscription online at any time via the Account Settings Page.


When signed into your subscribed account, click the account tab at the top of your screen


Select Account Settings.

You will see your membership details under Wild.

Simply select cancel membership

Click the Cancel button to confirm your decision - That's it!

You will receive a confirmation of your cancellation via email. 


Have a specific question about wild?  CLICK HERE to go to the specific form to contact Customer Support.

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