all about wild


is our new membership program.



With a wild membership you'll get:

  • Unlimited play on over 450 games
  • Ad free access to web games
  • Membership discounts on the purchase price of 1000's of games




All you have to do to get the most out of wild is sign-in. With wild it's all about how you like to play!

Free to play web games without ads? Sign in to your wild account!

The very best deals on renting and buying games? Sign in to your wild account!

1000s of unlimited play games you can download and enjoy? Sign in to your wild account!


Existing Users Canceling Wild  want to talk about wild


Need to submit a request for help with Customer Support? CLICK HERE to go to the specific form.






For existing users:

If you have WildCoins, and you aren't seing them, but you DO see wild beside your sign in?


You'll need to get back to the old WildTangent to use your existing WildCoins.

Just follow these steps:

  • Open the Games App.
  • Click on the SEARCH
  • Type in EXIT WILD TEST



  • Hit your ENTER key

That's it. Now sign in to your account, and use those WildCoins!


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Canceling wild

We would hate to see you go!

To cancel, sign in to your account in the Games App

Navigate to View Account

Click the Cancel link


Still want to cancel?


Click the Cancel button - That's it!


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