WildCoins - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

**Notice of Cancellation**: As of October 16, 2019, WildTangent does no longer offer WildCoins for sale from the Site, nor any subscription plans or legacy plans granting WildCoins; all ongoing subscriptions have been terminated. Redemption of WildCoins will remain in effect until June 30, 2020 (or if you are living in the European Union the end of the regular limitation period, whichever is longer).  
As a courtesy, WildTangent is offering WildCoin owners the chance to redeem their remaining WildCoin balance, e.g. into credits towards our new subscription service ‘wild’.

Please see the link below to change up to 480 ( 12 months subscription ) of your WildCoins to the wild membership! 

WildCoins to Wild Offer.

Since 2007, WildCoins has been the preferred way to play games at WildTangent. However, continuing with WildCoins is preventing us from creating new features that many of you have been requesting. We will announce an official WildCoins end date when determined. 
For now, you can continue to use your WildCoins for buying games and playing individual game sessions. 
Our team is hard at work, launching special offers for you to be able to use your WildCoins.
You can check your WildCoins balance by going to your My Account page.
We do offer a new subscription program named wild, that works differently than WildCoins. Consumers asked for an All-You-Can-Play unlimited game option as well as discounts on buying and renting games. wild is it, check it out.



Q:  Why are WildCoins being discontinued?
A:  We are focused on adding new features and improving the overall experience of WildTangent.  However, the existing WildCoins solution is severely limiting our ability to update the current Store Front.  For this reason, we are transitioning away from them.


Q:  Can I still use my WildCoins?

A:  For now, you can still use WildCoins for buying and renting games.


Q:  When will I no longer be able to use WildCoins?

A:  June 30, 2020 is the last day to use WildCoins. 


Q:  Can I get a refund for my unspent WildCoins?

A:  No, WildCoins are non-refundable per the WildTangent Terms of Service.


Q:  What happens to my games purchased with WildCoins?

a:  Any game purchased with WildCoins will remain on the WildTangent account that made the purchase.


Q:  Where are my WildCoins?

A:  You can check your WildCoins balance by signing in to your WildTangent account, visit My Account from the top menu.


Q:  How can I find games to buy with WildCoins?

A:  A new feature has been added to the top navigation to make finding these games very easy.  Sign in to your WildTangent account and your online WildCoins balance will appear in the top navigation.  Click on that WildCoins balance and the search results will show you every game you can buy with your WildCoins.


Q:  I have some WildCoins, why don't I see an option to use them on game pages or in Library?

A:  We show you the option to use WildCoins when you have enough for that option.  For example, the WildCoins cost on a game page to purchase a game may be 40 WildCoins.  If you have less than 40 WildCoins, you cannot use that purchase option, so instead, we show you cash purchase options to play that game.  We also adjust the purchase method in the Library using the same logic.  If a game session costs 8 WildCoins, but you only have 6 WildCoins, we show you options that you can play that game as you do not have enough WildCoins.


Q:  What happened to WildCoins Packs?

A:  We discontinued All WildCoins Packs as of September 30, 2019, as a step of the phase-out plan for WildCoins. 


Q:  I used to have a WildCoins Subscription or Legacy Plan.  Where did it go?

A:  All WildCoins Subscription or "Legacy Plans" were terminated on October 16, 2019.  As well, all recurring billing ended at this time. 


Q:  Can I use offline WildCoins for buying games?

A:  No, once you move your WildCoins offline, they can only be used for game sessions.  Also, once you move WildCoins offline, they are associated with that computer.  If that computer is damaged, lost, the hard drive is reformatted or replaced, those WildCoins are no longer available for use on WildTangent.


Q:  What is this "wild" I see mentioned around the games service?

A:  wild is our membership that has different features than WildCoins.  wild provides an all-you-can-play option as well as discounts on buying and renting games.  Consumers no longer need to purchase packs of WildCoins and maintain a balance to play games.
Q: Is a wild membership required to play games?
A: Absolutely not!  Many games have rental and buy options available from the game product page.  You select the option you want then play.  wild Members receive a discounted price from the every day pricing.  You decide how you want to play.  
Q:  Will wild membership provide WildCoins each month?
A:  No, all WildCoins are being removed from the service June 30, 2020.  There are no options to get more WildCoins.  wild membership has different benefits than WildCoins.  


Q:  As a wild member, why do I need to pay for game rentals?  I didn't do this with WildCoins.

A:  wild members enjoy discounts on purchases and rentals as well as access to our all-you-can-play games.  For newer games that are not yet in the all-you-can-play Unlimited Catalog, you have the option to buy or rent the game.  wild members save on average $1 USD on eligible game rentals.


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