FATE Retail CD

Congratulations on purchasing one of the (or all) FATE games from a retailer! Now that you have a CD in your hands, you are certainly ready to install it and play. 

But what happens if you run into error messages or trouble? 



Strange errors about existing versions of the game?

That can happen if there is an existing version of FATE already installed on your computer. It confuses the installer on the retail disc. You can fix this by manually removing the version of FATE already on your computer.

Head over to this Help Center Article and follow the steps to manually delete the game:

Then, reboot your computer and install the game from the Retail CD again. 



In the bundled CD the games FATE, FATE: Undiscovered Realms, and FATE: The Traitor Soul are readily available to you without requiring you to select only one of the games to play. After installing (following the instructions that came with the retail disc), you will begin the game inside the Temple of Fate. From there you can choose to play the dungeons of Typhon or Druantia (from FATE: Undiscovered Realms), use the portal to Grove to explore the dungeon and town from the original FATE, or play the new content in FATE: The Traitor Soul.


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