Mouse / Keyboard are not Responding, and Using Other Controllers

If your mouse or keyboard are not responding, there could be a few different reasons why, and solutions. Look below to see if one of these fits. 

Game Screen is Inactive

If you have multiple windows open at one time, your game may not be the active window on your computer. Click on the game icon in your task bar at the bottom of the screen to make sure it is the active window.

Cursor is Not Displaying

To have the mouse display in the game, you may need to follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Start and open the Control Panel (or use the search function to find the "Control Panel").
  2. Choose "Appearance and Personalization."
  3. Click on "Personalization" and then "Change Mouse Pointers."
  4. In the new window, select "Pointer Options."
  5. Under 'Visibility,' uncheck the box beside 'Display pointer trails' and "Hide pointer while typing."
  6. Select "Apply" then "OK."
  7. This should allow you to see the cursor again.

Multiple Controllers and Controller Options

Multiple controllers plugged in to the computer, such as a joystick or steering wheel, can interfere with mouse and keyboard commands. Unplug all of the extra controllers besides your mouse and keyboard.

Some games have controller options, accessible via the options menu within the game. Make sure that the controller option is set to your preference.

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    David Whitmore

    Being a 'bit' handicapped, I am having difficulty playing many of your games. I realize that this isn't you problem, but I do wish that more of your simpler games were game controller ready.
    I already have a specialized mouse, but...

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