Runtime Error

What are Runtime Errors?

A runtime error is a program error that occurs while the program is running. The term is often used in contrast to other types of program errors, such as syntax errors and compile time errors. There are many different types of runtime errors.

You may see this error when trying to play a game, or when trying to uninstall a game. 

How do you fix it?

By manually deleting the game folder - and then reinstalling a new copy of the game!

  • Click on the Start Menu, open the File Explorer (This varies depending on the Windows OS you have)
  • Select This PC
  • Select the C: Drive (sometimes called the Windows C:)
  • Select the folder “Program Files (x86)” and look for these two folders:
  •                 WildGames
  •                 WildTangent Games
    (These may also be listed  as HPGames, DellGames, ASUSGames etc…).
  • Find the game in either one or both of these folders.
  • Right click and delete the game folder.
  • Empty the recycle bin and restart the computer. (This part is REALLY important)

Once those steps are done you can reinstall the game (if you are wanting to play the game).

If you would like to follow steps on how to reinstall a game, go here

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