Older Games not launching on Windows 10 PCs

Some of the most popular games are ones you've been playing for years; but as technology improves, those games will not play as they once did; especially when you are using a PC that has a newer OS, like Windows 10. The reasons are numerous, but the basic reason? Games that were designed for Windows XP and VISTA were created when computer monitors were square, and now as you have experienced, computer monitors are a rectangle. When an older game is trying to launch it is expecting a square to fill, so when it is being asked to fill a rectangle, it has trouble.



There are options!

The first - make sure that you have the most recent update for Windows 10. (Did you know Windows 10 updates weekly, monthly, and quarterly? It does!) You can do this following the steps below:

Click the Windows Icon

Type in "update" and then select "Check for updates"


You will see if you have the most recent updates.



If you have the most recent updates, but the game still will not launch or display as you expect?
You will want to change one of the compatibility settings.
To do this, right click on the desktop icon for the game, and then click the compatibility tab. Once there, check the "Disable fullscreen optimizations"
Select OK


Then launch the game, and you can change from fullscreen to windowed mode within the game itself (launch the game, and on the menu screen go to settings or options)


What if the game launches fine, but the issue is with how it is displayed? Read through the Full-Screen Issues on Windows 10 article.



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