Ad Blocking programs negative impact

You might have decided to install an ad blocking extension to your internet browser. This will affect how the WildTangent Games App and website function.
Ads support free content on many of your favorite websites (not only WildTangent)
These blockers will stop pop up from displaying - like the sign in pop up.
When you enable ad blocking software on your PC you might experience the following:
  • Pages will not completely display
  • Not able to sign in to your account
  • Games will not play
The WildTangent service is safe, and you can opt to not click on any advertisements you see.
Many popular ad blocking programs will allow you to add WildTangent to their allowed list (or whitelist). Below are some of the most commonly used programs:
  • AdGuard
  • AdBlock Plus
  • AdBlock
  • AdBlocker Ultimate
  • AdLock
  • Brave Browser
  • uBlock Origin
  • Ghostery
  • Privacy Badger
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